Here is the list of Force Blader attack skills. Since the introduction of the new skills, Quake Cataclysm and Art of Curse, we now lack skill points to learn other skills so I made some adjustments so we don’t waste skill points to wrong skills. I suggest you also follow my sub skills and passive skills guide.

Force Blader Attack Skills
Force Blader Attack Skills

wind cannonAqua CannonStone CannonLightning Cannon

Nothing is changed with the way Force Enchanter works, so max these 4 cannons to get the highest bonus possible from your BM1. We don’t use these skills for attacking, they are just there for the bonuses they give to Force Enchanter mode. Besides, we already have 2 ranged skills (Seal of Damnation and Quake Cataclysm) which is more than enough to defend yourself in case you get rooted by other Force Bladers.

For those with no idea to how Force Enchanter works, it goes like this. When you activate BM1 all your exclusive buff skills are replaced by the strongest magic skill you have with regards to its element. Wind Movement from its name “wind” gets replaced with Wind Arrow, Lance or Cannon. If you have multiple magic skill with wind element, only the strongest skill will be applied, in that case, Wind Cannon. Same goes for the rest, Earth Guard get replaced by stone magic skill, Aqua Vitality with water element skill and your blade buff with fire, ice or lightning element. Just to make it simple:

  • Fire Blade, Ice Blade or Lightning Blade gets replaced by Lightning Cannon : Attack bonus.
  • Aqua Vitality with Aqua Cannon: HP and MP bonus.
  • Earth Guard with Stone Cannon: Defense bonus.
  • Wind Movement with Wind Cannon: Defense rate and attack rate bonus.

Note: You cannot use Elemental Enchant in Force Enchanter mode. Art of Curse’s defense reduction, attack reduction or silence effect (depending on your active blade buff) won’t be applied in Force Enchanter mode. Therefore, if you cast Art of Curse, only the stun, down and knock-back resist reduction will be applied.

This skill has really short cast time, although deals lesser damage than Seal of Damnation, I prefer to use this over the other. Quake Cataclysm > Fade Step > Seal of Damnation.

This skill has a special effect. It reduces your opponents resistance to criticals by 10% giving your next attacks higher critical chance and damage for 5 secs. It has a very huge area of effect which makes it ideal in Mission Wars.

Our strongest attack skill. The chasing effect can buy you some time to escape (if the timing is right, your opponent will chase you unable to attack).

Infernal Impact is one of our best attack skill (in terms of damage, second to Assassinate). Not very ideal in Mission war due to long cast time. Avoid using this in mass PK.

Force Kick is very useful when chasing targets, charging quickly into battle and a good burst damage when combined with other skills (Force Kick > Stab > Assassinate). I suggest you make a special key for this skill and get familiar with that key. You will not use this skill with your normal combo so will need to press this quickly. I used ‘R’ for this skill.

I personally love this skill. Has very low cast time and quite good damage. Insert this in your combo between other skills to add additional damage. For example, Stab > Assassinate > Quake > Stab > etc. It really helps if you get unlucky not landing a critical hit on your major skills.

Force Assault, Force Slash and Infernal Impact are excellent addition to your arsenal. Don’t forget to add this to your Mission War and Mission Battle combo. Remember that HP down is multiplied by how many times your HP is raised. For example, on 190 bracket Mission War your HP is raised by 800% (x8), HP down is also raised by 800% .

This skill can help you chase other Force Bladers and Bladers when they use Assassinate and Lightning Slash.


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